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Reading has always been a passion for me and books have gotten me through some of the rougher patches of my life. I would have gone crazy a long time ago without books.

I'm not a computer geek or phone nerd and you'll never find me texting anyone. When I want to talk to my daughter I call her and my life is just that simple and I'm not even a blogger, however, I do have a friend who posts the books that I read and I think you'll enjoy them also.
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George E. Vaughn

How Georgee Vaughn began

I'm Derek Wolf, and I'm a photographer | Storyteller and I spend time traveling to capture peoples stories and photos. Part of the year my home is in San Diego where George and I have know each other for plenty of years. He loves to read and sometimes we meet in the mornings or evening where he starts by showing me the face of a book. He then begins passionately telling the tale of that book with abound of expressions like a true storyteller. Take a look around we have book reviews and best sellers and we're sure you'll find something great to read too.

Derek Wolf

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